Sunday, May 3, 2009

Updates, Fayettenam, and Germany(Italy)... Oh my!

And that's what Melanie has to say about her adventures so far in the far Easterly South! An exciting adventure of two souls, filled with the old Nordic wanderlust leading them around the globe (and perhaps influenced a tad by the whims of the big army thrusting them about as the winds blow.) And so, the past few weeks have been filled with such glorious adventures as trying to find apartments near the base that would give short leases (since we would be getting orders to go elsewhere soon), finding out when exactly to fly Melanie out here, moving her in, trying to buy a car, scheduling to by a car, cancelling the scheduling to buy a car because we ended up getting order to Germany, dealing with stupid banks that bear the flag of the Credit Union, when in fact they are totalitarian terrorists hellbent on controlling every dime of money you give them, clearing Melanie so that she could come to Germany with me, and now the wait so that I can out-process from here and we can leave the country. Oish. Oh, and of course Melanie being pregnant every second of every day (and night!) and all the hilarity, joy, and long nights that causes us, haha.

But yes, for those of you who had not heard yet, I was informed that I was being assigned to an airborne unit in Bamberg, Germany (about 150 miles North Westish of M√ľnchen) and we'll be heading there the beginning of June. Do not fret, though, we're planning on taking leave so that we can return to our homeland to visit with the family and snag the remainder of our belongings before hopping the big pond. More updates on dates and such to come as we find out ourselves.

Once all the issues of officiality, arrangements, and scheduling are done though, our lives could not be happier at the moment! Melanie has enjoyed the spite of many a North Carolinan driver, much to her befuddlement, and little Ferynne kicks more and more every day. It felt like home the moment she arrived. (The both of them, that is, hehe.) We apologise for not necessarily communicating with many of you, as there has been much running to and fro and during the week our time during the day is precious (and time during the night reserved for as much sleep as possible!) and the weekends, well, the weekends are ours. So =P

Anyways, we love you all, hope to see you soon, and hopefully will be posting much more often now!



So it seems I am to update you all on this mornings recent news. In our long wait to get Derek's "official" orders, they have decided to change his orders to Italy! We knew some people were being sent to Italy instead, but when we checked his AKO it still said "Germany" in the document. Apparently, this morning one of the other married guys in Derek's platoon came up to him and asked if he had been changed because his orders changed just YESTERDAY. So of course when Derek checks his AKO again this morning it had been changed as well!

And so the process of waiting for THOSE orders starts all over again...*hums a little tune about the army*

Anyways. that is what is happening with us. Not that you ragamuffins deserved to hear it! Not that I know ANYTHING about YOUR lives from your amazing POSTING HABITS. Hah! *huffs off*