Friday, June 26, 2009

Big South & Agnes Lake

The top pic is of incredibly lovely Agnes Lake. Just a mile from the Nokhu Hut we spent the night in last night. We had to cross some snow fields, but well worth the effort. The bottom pic is of 'Big South' going up the Poudre River. Sonya and I both loved the hike most of the way along this gorgeous mountain stream. Home here for tonight then off to our concert, Aspen and Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

June business

Wow, I can't believe it is already June 25th. Where did the month go? I thought that after Andrew graduated things would slow down lol. Oh well, I will just have to slow myself down on my own. Graduation was, in and of itself, quite the ordeal. At least Andrew is done with high school. The trick is to now get him done with college ha ha. The next Saturday was his party, we had a house full. Then I got to bake over a hundred cupcakes for my friend to choose for her reception. Thankfully my cousins were here from Alaska and we had a family dinner to go to, so I got to take the extra cupcakes there to get rid of them. I made eight different flavor combinations. We just got back from Sun River and now I am planning Jadeon's birthday party, he turns four on Saturday! It doesn't sound like I am slowing myself down does it? I will keep trying.

God is good, He is very good! He gave me two tickets to be able to go and see my granddaughter after she is born! This also means seeing my daughter and son-in-law whom I know I will be missing like crazy! I already am missing them and I know that I will get to see them before they leave! I just can't believe it though, the way God shows Himself is amazing. I had just finished telling a friend that I didn't think that I would be able to go and see Ferynne after she was born because of financial reasons and then another friend came up to me and wanted to talk to me before I left church, so we went to the nursery (how fitting,now that I think about it) where she proceeded to tell me that God gave her a gift but it was meant for me to have it. She had won two tickets to Europe; any destination, any time frame between August 10th 2009 and August 10th 2010. She felt that God had told her that she was supposed to give them to me, so she did! I couldn't believe my ears! I was crying all the way home from church knowing that I don't deserve these tickets, but am so thankful for a God who delights in my joys and wants to give me the desires of my heart! Needless to say, I AM GOING TO ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!

High in the Colorado!

Fabulous flight into Denver! I was lucky to get a window seat and this was taken out the south windows just as we started descending into Denver. We should be in these mountains on Sunday heading to Aspen! Sonya and I just messed around together for the rest of the day. Had lunch at the Silver Grill (in business most of the time since 1912!), toured downtown (don't go into the Cupboard shop! Too many cute things!) Saw the Budweiser Clydesdales - they have a brewery just on the edge of town and 6 of the clydesdales are here in training - Evan was in one of their commercials as a young colt! Hooked up with Brendan and headed out for a picnic dinner at Horsetooth Reservior and watched the sun set. Back to their fabulous apartment (wow, I wish I had their shower, kitchen, amazing!), getting to know the kitties (Cocoa and Cookie) and planning out hikes for today and tomorrow just north of Rocky Mountain National Park! Mt. McConnell here we come!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pedicure, Facial and Massage, Oh My!

So, I finally cashed in my Christmas present today from Derek and Melanie - Wow! That took a long time! I made my appointment starting at 2, and didn't get out until after 6! Started with the massage and she worked a traction thing on my neck - I could do that every week! It certainly felt much better. She was very good and her kids go to Sprague - so I knew her name! She was very good and I enjoyed my time with her. Then it was off to do the facial. I never knew you could put so many different things on a face! Exfoliating, scrubbing, toning, steam, hot towels - when she put some kind of fluffy white cream on my face with this little brush, I could just imagine her making designs with it, those curls like on top of a Dairy Queen sundae. Then, with something else I teased her that she was using amazing colors like purple and orange and making cool patterns while I lay there. She also gave an amazing hand massage while we were waiting for something to set, or dry or something! Then I got a wonderful lunch in between that and the pedicure. I picked a nice deep purple, but it looks blue in the pic! It was a lot of fun, and I thank you kids very much for getting to experience something new!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Knits!

We just wanted to share some of our handcrafties we've been working on for Ferynne! I started knitting just before going out to selection 'cause I felt like making some stuff with my hands, wanting to make something for Melanie, and perhaps a little out of boredom, haha. Melanie of course was wanting to get into the craft back before I left for basic, and has now been working at it again! It's been fun as we each inspire each other to start new projects, either for each other, for the family back home, or for little Ferynne. =)

So here are two of the projects we've completed for Ferynne, the first is a blanket I made for her. This started right before I left for selection, though with a different yarn and pattern, then as I was working on it (it was very tedious) Melanie and I realised how small it would be, so I found the pattern for this blanket, which was much larger, and wouldn't be quite as detrimental to my sanity. So here's my toss in the running for Ferynne's security blanket!

The colors are a little more bright and vibrant in real life. It is nice and cozy, and should last her quite some time. And Melanie helped with this one by tying little knots in the end of each of the tassles so they don't unravel (no small task!)

Next up is a beanie that Melanie has been knitting for Ferynne and just finished today. She started it... oh, two nights ago maybe with a completely different yarn (two of them actually) but after several attempts at learning how beanie making goes, she changed over to this yarn last night and whizzed on through it, ending with this awesome little beanie for our little rumpkin. The bottom edge actually rolls up and down so you can adjust the length of it and how thick the bottom roll is, and the squiggly mass on the top is a little spindly tail Melanie finished it off with. Very cool I think!

It's not quite as orange in real life, thanks to the bedroom lamp. More a good deep, dusty blue fading into a raspberry reddish pink.

On the needles right now I have a little hoodie I'm making for Ferynne (though inspiration for it has gone through its waxings and wanings, suffering a wait through three other projects until getting back to it finally today) that I will possibly finish in the next week or two, supposing we can find a good long movie series or show to watch while we knit (helps keep the repetetiveness less mind-numbing) and since Melanie only just finished the beanie moments ago, I'm not sure she's sure what she's going to make next.

Otherwise, things are going on as they have been, slow and peaceful with the odd hiccup here and there, with our return to Oregon hopefully coming up in July! Our love to you all! =)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It finally happened

Here lies our connecting rod.

It gave an exceptional performance at the end of its life. Breaking clean through the engine and out the bottom leaving a wonderful oil spill. We could do nothing as we clacked our way down the road hoping to at least reach home. But a mere minute away from the apartment, after the connecting rod exploded out the bottom and we pushed the car into the nearest parking lot, the old car was able to run its little combustion engine the rest of the way without the sad little piece.(As soon as we heard the clacking, we were smart enough to stop at the grocery store on the way home, knowing it was the near end!) Knowing this was going to happen with such a car, I was only happy we had made it home with the groceries!
So for now Derek runs to base every morning for formation. As sucky as that sounds, I'm actually quite jealous of his vigorous 8 mile morning runs! If only I didn't have a pregnant body! I'd be so pumped to join him as he reaches such body condition. But as out of shape as I am right now, it'd probably put me into labor, haha. We mess with the idea of maybe finding a cruddy bike from a pawn shop for him to use... but for now he seems to be fine with the brisk morning run! None of this, nor any of the interesting hardships life has presented us with has any effect on me. It just makes things more interesting and liveable. I'm glad to have the excuse to walk to the grocery store and keep up on my health!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Rick has been working really hard in the yard. He had to scrape off the old yawn and did a ditch for drainage. He added pipe and piped it to the lower part of the yawn towards the rose garden. So hopefully when we replant the yawn and it rains it will not flood the walk. The yard will be lower than the walk this time Yea!!!!!. We still will need to do a wall above and around the yard witch will be a project in its self. So lots to keep us busy for the summer. We are excited to have Derrick and Melanie home soon for a visit before going abroad. Will miss them terribley but what an experience for them. Of course, we may all be able to go visit.

Hot Tub

Here is my new hot tub. I just love it. It is smaller and easier for me to take care of. The top is light weight and easy for me to lift. I can cool it down for the kids to play in for a pool and it will heat back up within the hour, so the kids have fun and I have my heat back in time for my relaxation in the evening.

eyeliner and no glasses

Hi I hope I know how to do this, hear goes. I had my eye liner tattooed on beings I am having cataract surgery and will not have to wear glasses. YEA!!!!!!!!!! I have worn glasses since third grade so this is very exciting for me. As for having my eye liner tattooed on, ouch!!!!!!!!. but love it. Its fun to be old and can get away with silly things like this.