Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So life has gotten back to normal pretty well here. Got things straightened and fixed for the most part. Derek's buddy, Carlos, left to go on leave(he will be going to Italy as well) and sold us his car for a deal. It's a relief having a form of transportation again! Lets just hope this car makes it okay through the time we have left here. It's an okay car and runs fine, but if your looking for reliability this car has warning signs of its future death written all over it, lol.

We get up bright and early each morning and drive to base for Derek's 6am formation and every day is filled with different things to do. We've started taking some pictures of our "life" here and I'll be posting some in our web album today for any who want to see. Derek and I have been catching up on our knitting together and he is just about done with Ferynne's baby blanket!(will be sure to post a picture of that as well!) As for me, i'm happy with the scarf-making safe zone for now... and somehow I manage to still mess things up.

That's all, not much to say. Just thought it was about time for a belly picture!


Mandee said...

You are so beautiful! Oh, the baby is getting so big, too!

Debbie said...

Yeah! Ferynne has some wheels now! Be sure you get out and about a bit before you go - I'd go see the outer banks if I was around over there! Have fun you three!