Monday, May 11, 2009

Brooks pregnancy update

So this baby is all ready showing me who is boss.  I don't have morning sickness as bad as Melanie, but it's still pretty intense.  And the tiredness and shortness of breath!  Doesn't make work any easier.  I mostly get stuck on register.  I suppose I should get used to it since I'm sure that's where I'll be for the next 6 months!  I get tired of yelling at(well, not really yelling...more like lecturing) customers at the drive through window  to put out their cigarettes.  When they get mouthy about how it's their choice if they want to get a ticket for it or not, I have to very kindly, but sternly inform them that not only is it the law now, but that I am also pregnant and for the sake of the health of my baby, they really do need to put it out.  So far that's all I've had to say, but I just know that one of these days that reason will not be enough for someone and then I will very politely explain that I do have the right to refuse service to anyone, so if they cannot abide by the law, I will have to close the window on them.  Maybe not those words exactly, but something to that effect.

I've had my first ultrasound and with it have discovered a few new things about my baby.  One, that he or she is an unusually active child.  The nurse couldn't measure the heart at first because the kid wouldn't keep still!  She said it was very unusual for it to be so active so early on (I mean the kid just recently developed it's individual fingers and toes for goodness sake!).  So, Bo and I are definitely in for it in that respect.  Two, the kid is due on my birthday!  Nov. 23rd!  I figure it's my mom's revenge for her missing Thanksgiving dinner with me.  ;-P  Course, I'm planning on a home birth (unless complications arise), so I will hopefully still get some turkey and gravy!

One thing that we will definitely need prayer for is my rare blood type.  Apparently, I am A-.  Not many people are negative.  And in a woman this is very much an issue.  As Bo is A+, this could cause issues with future children.  My negative blood doesn't like positive blood.  If the baby has positive blood, and our blood mixes (not usually until birth), then my body will develop antibodies against positive blood.  So, while this baby isn't at risk, if I have positive babies in the future, my body will reject their blood and they will either die before birth or have severe issues after.  What they will do is after I give birth to this baby, they will test the baby's blood and if it's positive I will get a Rohgam shot which will hopefully trick my body into thinking it all ready created the antibodies.  I have 72 hours after birth to do this.   It is normally effective, but I could be in the small 3% of women that it doesn't work in.  On top of that, for every positive baby I have, I will need to get this shot after the birth.  So it's a little scary.
Well, that's that.  Pretty uneventful otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Wowza, that's crazy about the blood type thing! I didn't know something like that existed!

As for your picture, it is super cute. I was going to post a belly pic soon but you showed me up cuz mine was just a crappy cell phone picture, haha.

Ferynne has always been super active as well. Lately she has been sleeping more and been less active. But it was always funny trying to get the heartbeat and she wouldn't stay still long enough for the doctor to keep it. Which always made me feel so good. It's such a blessing knowing she is coming out so healthy and amazing after all the sickness and malnutrition I went through in the beginning.