Wednesday, May 13, 2009

and then there was the Army...

And the Army, though great and mighty, begot many screws and many balls that they could not keep. So they dropped some of their balls and "inserted here" many screws... resulting in many screwed persons and many injured plans.

*Begins to translate as the poor exhausted soldier rests from his day of stress and fear*

Oi mama. Plans have been changed. We did not need a visa for Germany but now we need one for Italy. There is not enough time to get one now. So after a bunch of this: (#$*&(%*&#$)%(@*#&$@(*$&#($*@($^&^!@*&#!@#!*&!!@(*#&(@*#(!&#$$#)%#*&!@#@#Y$I#@UHRKJHFI#U$YN#IWENIWRYI#$UYN@#UNYUFNOINU#O$IU@#$NO

New Plans:

Orders deferred until July 20th for the sake of me being able to actually GO WITH Derek to Italy instead of being left behind.

What this means:

We are NOT leaving to fly home to Oregon tomorrow. Completely canceled flights day before departure! Good thing I was slacking in the packing department. We are having to stay here another month and a half! I don't want to be friends with the cockroaches for that much longer!!! I want to go home! I want to breath beautiful Oregon air and soak in the beautiful Oregon weather! Oh fairest of fair! No southerners, no roaches, no North Carolina! Sweet, wonderful Salem! It calls to us both! But instead I get to bug bomb on Thursday and dink around Fayettenam longer(SO BORRRRING). Thank you ARMY!
On top of that...heavens! I will be too pregnant to fly without a doctors slip. Not that a doctors note will keep me any safer on that plane while ALMOST 8 MONTHS PREGNANT. GUH. Scary stuff. Thank you ARMY!

Anywho. Sorry to be so brief. There is just no possible way to explain everything that lead up to this. Simple as this: Visa.

Oh yeah, there are many great little notes such as: We've already shipped our bikes back to Oregon, thus having no form of transportation. (just a sample)


Mandee said...
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Mandee said... won't be able to come back at all? Well, this is just retarded. I'm glad I never actually enlisted when I was looking in to it. The military is all screwed up! really should stop deleting some of your posts...just update them. Cause some of us would still like to be able to read your posts when we see there is a new post on our log in screen, but then try to find it and it is gone! ;-)