Wednesday, January 21, 2009

*Dusting off the collected silence*

Unfortunately this is just what happens when you live in apartment with no internets. And of course I'm likely to spill out a hearty blog on a short visit to friends and family who have internet(Not!).

So now I resort to spilling out information in a most regular way. Updates:

Derek came home for the month of December and for that seemingly eternal yet short amount of time the gravitational forces of the moon were in balance once more. It was wonderful to visit with family and spend time with everyone. A more perfect existence could never be created when we are side by side, as two soul-friends could never contain more happiness than that.
And whether it was expected by everyone or not, we now get to share the joy of having a baby on the way! (September 2nd is the "due date")

Sometime towards the end of March or April, once Derek finish his selection for Special Forces, I finally get to join him in North Carolina! By that time I should be over my extreme morning sickness that seems to be the bane of my life right now. You ever hear about those women who are SO sick during pregnancy they cant do anything and feel like passing out ever moment of the day? yeah... I'm so lucky! That's me! Guh...
Also, quite recently, Derek finally got a cell phone! It is inexpressible how wonderful it is to be connected with him in some way again.

Well I'm going to go. This is starting to sound too much like an annual "Update Letter". =P