Friday, May 29, 2009

Missing my girl!

Well, I guess the test came out positive! Melanie that is an awesome picture! I can't believe I am missing out on the everyday lives of my children and grandchild. Mom cries miserably in the corner feeling much pity for herself.
Things around here are ramping up for Andrew's Graduation on the 3rd of June, with a family bar-be-que on the 6th. I am almost finished with Ferynne's crib set and it is looking pretty cool. Melanie has quite the eye for colors going together, but then she is an artist at heart. After the graduation festivities I am hoping to get it done.
I have looked at the pictures Melanie posted and it is good to see their happy faces (I am glad that in the midst of the chaos of the Army you two are together--it makes it possible to face whatever may come your way). That is all for now, just wanted everyone to know that I am still here. I will post more after graduation, maybe with some pic's.