Monday, June 8, 2009


Rick has been working really hard in the yard. He had to scrape off the old yawn and did a ditch for drainage. He added pipe and piped it to the lower part of the yawn towards the rose garden. So hopefully when we replant the yawn and it rains it will not flood the walk. The yard will be lower than the walk this time Yea!!!!!. We still will need to do a wall above and around the yard witch will be a project in its self. So lots to keep us busy for the summer. We are excited to have Derrick and Melanie home soon for a visit before going abroad. Will miss them terribley but what an experience for them. Of course, we may all be able to go visit.


Anonymous said...

Grandpa is so funny! I love watching him act like every retired guy at his age trying to stay busy, it's very entertaining!