Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Knits!

We just wanted to share some of our handcrafties we've been working on for Ferynne! I started knitting just before going out to selection 'cause I felt like making some stuff with my hands, wanting to make something for Melanie, and perhaps a little out of boredom, haha. Melanie of course was wanting to get into the craft back before I left for basic, and has now been working at it again! It's been fun as we each inspire each other to start new projects, either for each other, for the family back home, or for little Ferynne. =)

So here are two of the projects we've completed for Ferynne, the first is a blanket I made for her. This started right before I left for selection, though with a different yarn and pattern, then as I was working on it (it was very tedious) Melanie and I realised how small it would be, so I found the pattern for this blanket, which was much larger, and wouldn't be quite as detrimental to my sanity. So here's my toss in the running for Ferynne's security blanket!

The colors are a little more bright and vibrant in real life. It is nice and cozy, and should last her quite some time. And Melanie helped with this one by tying little knots in the end of each of the tassles so they don't unravel (no small task!)

Next up is a beanie that Melanie has been knitting for Ferynne and just finished today. She started it... oh, two nights ago maybe with a completely different yarn (two of them actually) but after several attempts at learning how beanie making goes, she changed over to this yarn last night and whizzed on through it, ending with this awesome little beanie for our little rumpkin. The bottom edge actually rolls up and down so you can adjust the length of it and how thick the bottom roll is, and the squiggly mass on the top is a little spindly tail Melanie finished it off with. Very cool I think!

It's not quite as orange in real life, thanks to the bedroom lamp. More a good deep, dusty blue fading into a raspberry reddish pink.

On the needles right now I have a little hoodie I'm making for Ferynne (though inspiration for it has gone through its waxings and wanings, suffering a wait through three other projects until getting back to it finally today) that I will possibly finish in the next week or two, supposing we can find a good long movie series or show to watch while we knit (helps keep the repetetiveness less mind-numbing) and since Melanie only just finished the beanie moments ago, I'm not sure she's sure what she's going to make next.

Otherwise, things are going on as they have been, slow and peaceful with the odd hiccup here and there, with our return to Oregon hopefully coming up in July! Our love to you all! =)