Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It finally happened

Here lies our connecting rod.

It gave an exceptional performance at the end of its life. Breaking clean through the engine and out the bottom leaving a wonderful oil spill. We could do nothing as we clacked our way down the road hoping to at least reach home. But a mere minute away from the apartment, after the connecting rod exploded out the bottom and we pushed the car into the nearest parking lot, the old car was able to run its little combustion engine the rest of the way without the sad little piece.(As soon as we heard the clacking, we were smart enough to stop at the grocery store on the way home, knowing it was the near end!) Knowing this was going to happen with such a car, I was only happy we had made it home with the groceries!
So for now Derek runs to base every morning for formation. As sucky as that sounds, I'm actually quite jealous of his vigorous 8 mile morning runs! If only I didn't have a pregnant body! I'd be so pumped to join him as he reaches such body condition. But as out of shape as I am right now, it'd probably put me into labor, haha. We mess with the idea of maybe finding a cruddy bike from a pawn shop for him to use... but for now he seems to be fine with the brisk morning run! None of this, nor any of the interesting hardships life has presented us with has any effect on me. It just makes things more interesting and liveable. I'm glad to have the excuse to walk to the grocery store and keep up on my health!


Debbie said...

Oh car!
Why could you not wait?
for someone else
to share your sad fate?
A good attitude your owners do have,
an opportunity that is not maybe too sad,
their feet will still take them
to places to go
while you just rust and fall apart slow....