Monday, June 22, 2009

Pedicure, Facial and Massage, Oh My!

So, I finally cashed in my Christmas present today from Derek and Melanie - Wow! That took a long time! I made my appointment starting at 2, and didn't get out until after 6! Started with the massage and she worked a traction thing on my neck - I could do that every week! It certainly felt much better. She was very good and her kids go to Sprague - so I knew her name! She was very good and I enjoyed my time with her. Then it was off to do the facial. I never knew you could put so many different things on a face! Exfoliating, scrubbing, toning, steam, hot towels - when she put some kind of fluffy white cream on my face with this little brush, I could just imagine her making designs with it, those curls like on top of a Dairy Queen sundae. Then, with something else I teased her that she was using amazing colors like purple and orange and making cool patterns while I lay there. She also gave an amazing hand massage while we were waiting for something to set, or dry or something! Then I got a wonderful lunch in between that and the pedicure. I picked a nice deep purple, but it looks blue in the pic! It was a lot of fun, and I thank you kids very much for getting to experience something new!


Anonymous said...

Haha, we're glad that you seem to have enjoyed it so much! You are most wonderfully welcome, dear mother!