Monday, April 6, 2009

Operation: Clean Out & Move Out(Oi Vei)

I will be flying out in the evening on the 15th. 3 layovers and 14 hours later I will arrive in North Carolina on the 16th. Fun stuff. Especially since I'm practically paying for another plane ticket for the baggage I will have with me.


Derek will not be able to make it back out here to see everybody. So this week I have to go through and get rid of most of our belongings. I will be flying out the week after Easter with a very large bag full of items we would need to live off of and move into our new place! Not my favorite plan, seeing as though Derek will not be able to visit family before we move, but it's what's going to work right now. Besides, there is something liberating about completely starting over. Aside from the sense of adventure, it's the opportunity to start fresh, go back to the basics, and realize what a fulfilling and wonderful life someone can lead without the need for "stuff".

Would you like to simply "hold on to" items for us? Borrow it for an period of time?

-Vast Game Collection
-Auto harp
-Sportsman's Warehouse Cot
-Sizable book collection

*You could use all these items as if they were yours*


Mandee said...

I can hold on to some items for you and maybe be able to help ship some of your stuff and cover the cost. It might take awhile, tho, as we are low on money. But I want to help out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer! No one has really jumped on that yet, haha. But how will you have room? I can't imagine there is much space in that room of yours to be taking on other peoples belongings.