Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well, I finally did it. I am posting. So, there! We are in the middle of big paint/remod project and I get to repaint 17 doors and frames. Yea. Life is crazy and I wish things would slow down, but I can't see that happening in the foreseeable future so I just hang on to God and go along for the ride hoping I am doing Him credit and bringing Him glory. I love my family and don't get to see them all enough, but isn't that every mother's lament? I am just blessed that I have most of them around if only for a little while longer. And if any of my kids read this, When Derek comes back for his 10 day leave before dragging my daughter and grandchild all the way across the country, We are going to get together for a family portrait! If I personally have to drag you all here one by one! ha ha, I am serious though. So be ready in April! And Derek, I love you son and I know Melanie is happier with you so it is o.k., I will just miss you all. Just come back here when all is said and done and we won't have to drag you back ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Well back to painting!