Monday, March 9, 2009

Timothy Botts

Absolutely loved having Timothy Botts here for 4 days. Dennis had invited him about a year and half ago to put on a workshop here in Salem with the Capitol Calligraphers and he accepted! He is Dennis' great inspiration and it was a treat to have him stay with us. His wife joined him and I got to show her around the area while the guys were busy calligriphying. With an all invited presentation on Thursday, workshops on Friday and Saturday with a potluck on Sunday, we were all busy! The word picture that comes to my mind with both Tim and Nancy is gracious. (Picture that in a lovely script with flourishes!) He is very humble and whenever he received a compliment he would tell the person how kind they were and how honored he was to receive their thanks. As we got to know each other, the laughter rolled and we found how many connections we had with each other. He did an original piece on Saturday and presented it to the calligraphy guild and they presented it to Dennis for all his work and planning. After the potluck Sunday, Tim and Nancy treated us to the Northern Lights Theatre Pub for a movie and dinner! We hope to visit them one day and continue the friendship!


Anonymous said...

It was fun to be at the presentation that Thursday. I enjoyed seeing all the similarities Caligraphy has with other types of arts. Just showing that true art is universal! It got me really excited to delve into my interest in refining my painting/drawing skills when I go back to school(as a Visual Arts major)