Thursday, March 26, 2009

I-5 Again?!

Den headed off this morning at 9:07am for his new job. Brennen did a great job helping him pack the truck and Jeff from next door got the Miata all loaded and cinched down. We are so thankful he's got a job, and now some time with his family down there. Traveling mercies on him as he takes that long drive.
Update: Dennis has safely arrived in Williams, CA and is stopping for the night. Just a little over halfway - 6pm.
3-27-09 - update: He took off at 4am (good thing he didn't call me!) - heading up the Grapevine at about 9am - journey almost done! He should be in Simi by 12:30 or so! So far, so good - but he says the wind is really moving!
Arrived at 12:17pm to warm welcome and the fixings for potato salad! Safe and sound, huzzah!