Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"First out of the gate!"

Hi there! Melanie here. ;-)

So I'm going to be lazy and paste some of my last posts here as my "official update". I'm pregnant, I can cheat!

Derek came home for the month of December and for that seemingly eternal yet short amount of time the gravitational forces of the moon were in balance once more. It was wonderful to visit with family and spend time with everyone. A more perfect existence could never be created when we are side by side, as two soul-friends could never contain more happiness than that.
And whether it was expected by everyone or not, we now get to share the joy of having a baby on the way! (September 2nd is the "due date")

Sometime towards the end of March or April, once Derek finish his selection for Special Forces, I finally get to join him in North Carolina! By that time I should be over my extreme morning sickness that seems to be the bane of my life right now.


Sometime in March I will have another ultrasound and find out if I'm having a boy or a girl! A friend of mine says she wants to give me a baby shower before I leave for North Carolina(The shower would be around the first week in April or so). So I've decided until I know for sure, to create 2 different registries. You'll find they are pretty similiar.

It's a Girl! Registry:

It's a Boy! Registry:

And for the most recent. Today I turned in my application for admission to Fayetteville State University! I obviously wont be going until the Spring Term seeing as though I'll be popping out a baby during the Fall. But after a good 4-5 months of getting used to all the changes, I don't see why I can't continue my education and bring baby to class! It will be fun! Stressful! And when the baby cries I will probably miss some of the lecture as I quickly retreat out of the classroom! But hey, why not? It's like when you were a kid and wanted to bring your pet frog or new kitten to school and your mom always said no. But this time I get to and nobody can say no! And if the school has any problems I'll just tell them straight up that the baby is simply "auditing the class". =P

Also in September, a friend of mine is moving to NC! She currently has 3 jobs and is trying to finish her education at Chemeketa here in Salem. So call me crazy again. But I told her she has a place to stay rent-free with us! It will give her a financial break and she has already offered to be nanny whenever I need it! Life is so much more exciting when your living to help people out. I always want my home to be open to the world in need, and that will always be the way my household rolls. ;-)

Vso. Da Svedanya!