Monday, February 23, 2009

Family Tree Blog Introduction!!!

Welcome to our new family blog!
The idea of this blog is to keep the family close and updated on each others lives! No matter how far away we go in the world, this is the place where we can all come together and post what is happening in our lives. Post pictures! Events! Anything you would love to share with family!
If you are a mother, father, brother, or sister of Derek and I(Melanie) we would love for you to join the family blog! Grandparent? Aunt? Uncle? We would love to have you!
Even if your not interested in posting, you are invited to follow along with the lives of the family members that do!

If you've been invited to be an author via e-mail, simply sign up for a blogger username and password through google. Then once you've explored and learned how to post, go ahead and post a blog to introduce yourself to everyone! That way we know all the family members that are here to share their lives!