Friday, March 5, 2010

Ferynne Updates

-Ferynne has finally started jumping in her jumper. She now rocks out to her favorite music: Bit Shifter (hahaha)

-Ferynne's second bottom tooth came in this morning!

-EC is going great. She woke up at 7 this morning with a dry diaper and told me she had to use the lou. Which sucked at first because I didn't want to get up and she was just doing her usual morning fussiness. But then after awhile of fussy I realized she was actually trying not to go in her diaper and was trying to wait for me to respond to her... so my heart melted and I got up and asked if she had to go lou lou. Of course, she smiled at me and I went ahead and put her on the chair. Then all at once I realized that her diaper was still dry and she was at that moment going all in her chair! Wow! So I was able to put her diaper back on her, the same diaper I had put on her before bed last night!
She really is loving our communication. =)
Things I've learned:
-There is absolutely NO TRAINING involved what-so-ever. It is the natural response to a natural need.
- It's SO EASY! No really, it is! It helps you realize more and more that a baby is just another human being and this is such a great bonding process. She just needs your help, she is not yet able to do things. We deliver babies into this world and yet cannot commit to mothering them enough to help them fullfill a human need?  Yes, there are times we need to slap a diaper on them... but not ALL the time. If we ignore their basic needs then what other needs will we ignore as well?  Like I said, we cant do it all the time, but they deserve for us not to completely abandon them in their own dumping grounds(poor kids)!
-This is the sort of thing you don't have tot commit to right away, all you have to do is decide to pay attention and begin practicing "signals" with your baby. No mess, no stress. You most likely will not be able to grasp how normal it is until you start and realize there is a whole other world that is right, that Western civilization has blinded you to(don't be a victim of the singular lie you were raised on, recreate your idea of who babies are).
-If you think it will require extra attention of your baby,  it wont.  Just extra awareness. =)
Each day it gets easier and easier.


Debbie said...

This is cool, I'd heard about such things, but didn't get into it with Sonya or the boys (though I did like setting the boys outside without anything on!), but I can't stand the name!!! It's like they tried too hard to come up with it.
"Dr. Smidgen. I see here a failure to eliminate communication."
"Dr. Sprong, I refuse to answer that." (insert rolling on the floor hysterically laughing smiley face here)

Anonymous said...

haha, it's also called other things like diaper free, Natural Infant Hygiene, and Infant Potty Training. *shrug* At first I liked the term EC better because for the sake of it sounding like a logical idea people wouldn't think it was just something hippies or tribal women did. =P
But now that I realize how natural it is, I think it shouldn't have a name at all or should just simply be "diaper free". Because with such a fancy name it gives people the idea that it is some structured planned idea you have to learn and not just a natural occurance.

Debbie said...

And Ferynne has teeth! That is so cool and is bouncing in her jumper toy! Let the good times bounce!