Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's a boy!

Well, we had our 20 week ultrasound on the 11th.  We are having a baby boy!  Bo and I had a little issue picking the first name, but after consideration, the baby's official name is Korban Atreyu Brooks.  We picked Atreyu for the middle name in honor of my friend Nikki's son, Atreyu, who passed durring labor.  She is very touched that we chose to name our son after hers because she wants the world to know that Atreyu DID, in fact, exist.  Just because he was still born doesn't mean that he wasn't here, that he didn't live, and that he didn't have an impact on other's lives.
On a brighter note, we got the specs back from the ultrasound a couple of days later.  Korban is very healthy, everything is just the right size it should be, etc.  They did find out that I have a...retroverted (?) uterus.  So, that's why I'm only looking 3-4 months pregnant instead of 6.  My uterus was tipped back, now it's straight up and down and it SHOULD pop forward to the correct placement around month 7-8.  The only difficulty this posses is that it's harder to feel where the baby is at right now.  Which would explain why I'm not feeling him move nearly as much as I think I should considering how active Korban is!
Work is getting very difficult.  I'm going to apply for the Oregon Health Plan once I reach my third trimester.  If I wait until then, I will be 100 percent covered, if I get accepted.  And if I do get accepted, I'm quitting my job!  Nikki and I are starting a business together.  We will be making and selling cloth diapers, blankets, burp cloths, post-partum pads, nursing pads, etc.  We have almost everything in place.  We just have to figure out our pricing (we know the cost to make each of everything and aproximately how long it takes to make them), get some inventory stocked up, and get licensed.  We all ready have an offer from the store "Off the Rack," a baby consignment store, to sell our diapers!  I'm very excited for this! It's also something I can do from home while taking care of Korban!